Monday, 31 October 2011

Native Species from Different Millenia

Last week we took MeadowMat, Enviromat and our Q Lawns' turf to the Creating Landscapes show at Capel Manor College near Enfield to inspire landscapers and designers to include more lawns, more green roofs and more wild flowers in their projects.

oxeye daisy and sorrel look fab with
ancient bog oak stepping stones

The most difficult thing about these shows is knowing how to make a stand more exciting, more eyecatching and more informative than the neighbouring stands and so this time, I asked garden designer Maxine Tricker to help with ideas and I am so so glad she said yes.

ragged robin looks amazing against
a background of bog oak
Maxine used Meadowmat and wild flowers alongside our BogOak to create a show-stopping display.  Inspirational and the most ironic thing about it, is that BogOak was the original English wild wood.  These trees were living in East Anglia at the same time as Stonehenge was being built - fabulous!

Meadowmat at creating landscapes show -
a bit squashed from the journey

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