Monday, 21 May 2012

Farmers and traditional wild flower meadows

I'm married to a farmer...not your traditional bacon-scoffing type of farmer with smelly boots and a flat cap, a scientific type of farmer who knows exactly how to get as much food as possible from his acres; and I have to say he's very good at it.  People like him are good for the economy and they're good for the food factory that is modern Britain.  I may be a bit biased but I can't help but stand up for farmers, even though they get slated for supposedly threatening biodiversity.  Politics, land prices and changes in everyone's lifestyles have forced landowners to manage the land in the way they do.

Nevertheless, rare as they are, original, traditional wild flower meadows are simply amazing.  These are some photographs I took last week in the one remaining meadow local to my home (sadly not my husband's but the lovely healthy field of wheat I also photographed is his).  Enjoy
cowslips and buttercups in a traditionally managed meadow

A sea of yellow flowers

Cheery yellow buttercups
A field of wheat - nuff said

Cowslips in bloom - good for the soul
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