Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why I'm glad to be gardening with wildflowers

Right now I'm struggling with mixed feelings of frustration, cabin fever and disappointment, having injured my neck and been unable to do any gardening for the last 6 weeks or so. I'm also supposed to be preparing two presentations for our "Gardening for Wildlife" workshop on 12th July.  So this afternoon I dodged the rain showers and wandered in my garden for half an hour or so seeking inspiration and hoping to lift my mood.

Chickens fed, mood lifted and strawberries gathered I'm back indoors with a huge cup of assam tea, ready to make a start.

One thing I couldn't help but notice in the garden while I was making a mental list of jobs to delegate to my husband, was that many of the "posh" plants out there are looking rather dishevelled after all this rain.  Roses are drooping, delphiniums that didn't get staked are flat on the ground, ornamental poppies are all battered and soggy looking but the native plants are defying the weather and looking quite chipper.

Oxeye daisy looks great despite the weather
On the wild side though, oxeye daisies just turn their heads to the sky and laugh at the rain, likewise the scabious.  The mullein outside my window is a fine upstanding plant and the clover in my lawn is thriving.  In my meadow, the weight of the rain has pushed some of the grasses over slightly but that only gives the sparkling white yarrow a chance to show all looks great.  So that's why I like gardening with wild flowers....they seem to tolerate a bit of neglect and they really don't mind British weather.

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