Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My MeadowMat is flowering

yellow rattle

Amazing!  Only three weeks after it was installed into my garden, my MeadowMat has produced two flowers.  OK, two flowers isn't exactly a royal wedding breakfast for the bees, but still, two flowers!

This wild flower mat is changing every day.  The first two weeks after installation, the main activity seemed to be underground.  The vegetation really didn't change much but my goodness, the roots growth was phenomenal, even compared to Q Lawns turf, this stuff really does establish fast.  So much so that three weeks after laying, I can tug on the plants and not move the mat at all.

The vegetated layer didn't really start to change until last week - once the roots were settled I guess.  For the first couple of weeks I worried that the coarser grasses in the mixture were going to outcompete the other species. I should have had more confidence in Robert's research and development........sorry Robert.

I can see now, at least five more flower species than I could when the MeadowMat arrived - some have germinated since installation, some I suspect were hiding in the grass.  The finer-leaved fescue grasses are far more obvious and are coming on a treat, whilst the coarser grasses haven't really changed much.  There are several yellow rattle plants running up towards flowering.  A teeny tiny meadow pea is just about in evidence.  Lots and lots of seedlings - I'm sure they'll identify themselves in time - that lovely little vetch in the picture, oxeye daisys and some mystery plants.  I think that in a month from now,MeadowMat will be extremely interesting.... Just in time for the BALI Landscape Show.
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