Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Design Trends for 2012

Reading through my Gardens Illustrated magazine, I've just spotted a wonderful quote from Rosemary Alexander of the English Gardening School who is predicting garden design trends for 2012

"Wildflower meadows, often difficult to establish, can be supplied in carpet form - just roll out on top of prepared soil.  It's expensive but much easier, especially for a small space"

wild flowers - colourful and bee-friendly
Fantastic news, I hope Rosemary is right, it will be wonderful if gardeners all over the UK could plant just a few wild flowers to protect the country's biodiversity and help support pollinating insects.

Me?  I'm re-planting one of the borders in my garden with mainly native species.  So the Christmas break will be spent researching species and varieties and writing myself a wish list.  If the weather is nice, I may even get outside and do some digging.
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